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Startups, SMEs and Industry powerhouse rely on our quality assurance services to meet the industry standards and provide state-of-the-art user experience to users.

Software Testing Lifecycle

To make sure that application works as per requirement, we adopt an iterative approach that begins from the very start of development to the time when the application is ready to ship to client.

A test strategy is designed after a comprehensive requirement analysis, that covers whole process flow from test development procedures to the closure activities which ensure that the testing meets the successful ‘exit’ criteria.

Ensuring Quality & Test Automation

To ensure quality, two types of testing (Funtional and Non-Functional) is covered at ARFASOFTECH depending on the particular test objectives. Whereas test automation helps us automatize some repetitive but necessary tasks in a formal testing lifecycle, or add additional testing to save extra time and effort spent on regression testing.

QA: Ensuring Robustness, Stability & Reliability

At ARFASOFTECH, We believe the quality assurance starts from mentation and continues into design, development, and product launch. This is why we penetrate every step of our process flow with a quality assurance (QA) outlook to make sure we identify and capture any potential stumbles along the way.

Our agile approach and a team of QA experts allow us to provide you with a holistic analysis covering the following domains: usability, functionality, performance, and security. To ensure that your app is ready for market and stands out from competitors we carry an range of tests on multiple platforms before bringing it to the community.

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