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October 2022

Businesses around the world incessantly use AI technology as a means to make informed decisions on the basis of data. It’s quite evident that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an absolute need and priority for enterprises. 

According to a report by the International Data Organization AI spending worldwide is expected to reach $110 billion in 2024. The report also further states that 80% of the executives around the globe face hardship in ensuring the responsible use of AI. In short, the magnitude at which the companies are adopting AI technology is rising at an exponential rate yet the need for persistence is required in terms of the development of responsible AI is not being yet met.

 Now it is mandatory for companies to become AI ethical because without using AI responsibly a company might get highly susceptible to making mistakes like perpetuating bias and creating data errors. Earlier this year Facebook (now Meta) was accused of using algorithms that were promoting gender biases in terms of propagating job adverts. 

Companies now more than ever are in need of employment of ethical AI practices because without using AI properly they stand on the verge of breaking customer trust. Thus, generating a risk of harm to their brand image and reputation. Because customers now expect businesses and organizations to peek beyond profit and become responsible with their technology solutions. As also evident from the stats that 93% of consumers now expect companies to positively impact society and see beyond the bounds of monetary gains.

With all this discussion and facts stated above the key questions here are how to become AI ethical or what is AI ethics after all?

Well, let’s first jump into the answer to what ethical AI is?

Ethical AI is actually the artificial intelligence that glues to the described and well-defined ethical guidelines relevant to the fundamental values with the inclusion of things such as individual rights, non-discrimination, unbiasedness, privacy, and non-manipulation. It also lays emphasis on the fundamental importance of assessing and determining the legitimate and illegitimate utilization of AI.

It is of utmost importance that organizations, businesses, and enterprises that apply AI should sculpt well-defined policies and review processes to ensure their adherence to the guidelines and rules concerning ethical AI.

Now how to achieve ethics in AI. So here are a few steps defined by Kathy Baxter the Ethical AI Principal Architect and also the Co-author of the book ‘Understanding Your Users’.

Stage 1: Ad Hoc (Raising AI Ethics Awareness)

She states that the first stage is all about building awareness regarding ethical AI among the workforce. This is time to instigate the thinking process in teams in relation to whether or not certain AI features should be developed on the basis of the consequences.

Stage 2: Organized & Repeatable (Decision To Make External Hires)

According to Baxter, the second stage is whether leaders feel the need to hire externally the dedicated team of developers for the establishment and maintenance of ethical AI practices. This is the step to plan roles and use resources and furthermore, develop guiding AI principles.

Stage 3: Managed & Sustainable (Time to Construct Formal Processes)

In this stage, Baxter states that the company should include ethical AI practices in its formal processes. Because the inclusion of AI rules and practices encourages AI responsible behaviors.

Stage 4: Optimized & Innovative (Implementing AI At Every Stage)

In the last step, Baxter states that with the dedicated support, the company can inculcate AI at every stage from product development to engineering, and privacy. 

Indubitably, getting AI right is time-consuming and requires resources but believe it or not it has become the repressing need of an hour. But this process can become quite easy by steering your resources in hiring the right team of developers that can facilitate you in the development of AI ethical software and mobile apps

AI because of its inherent potential of predicting users’ behavior has become the “apple of an eye” of businesses and large corporations.

So, in conclusion, it is high time for us to create an environment where AI is safe and inclusive for all.  Resultantly, creating positive and advantageous outcomes for industries, customers, businesses, and enterprises.  




Fahad Ali, Author

Fahad is PM at ARFASOFTECH but has a knack for writing. He enjoys writing about the latest technologies and evolving trends. Most of his writings revolve around trending technologies and their integration into operations.

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