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June 2022

How do we collaborate?

ARFASOFTECH means working hard together. Sounds philosophical and simple but it’s one of the hardest things to achieve effectively. It’s also one of the most essential and rewarding things for a company with global clientele, cross-functional teams, multiple departments and different projects.

So how do we keep it all together at ARFASOFTECH? We have built a strong and multi-tool system of internal and external collaboration. We use a mix of 9 efficient ways of collaboration, communication and work-flow management in the organization, each serving a separate audience and purpose. It has worked out well for us. You may find some useful for your workplace.


We believe in lean and empowered teams that take up work when they have the capacity for it. At ARFASOFTECH we let teams manage their own work and self-organize around it. Our aim is to provide the best service delivery to our customers. Kanban methodology makes our teams autonomous, enabling them to adapt to changes and process improvements. This agile way of working makes us flexible in accommodating external customers and other teams within the organization.


Scrum meeting

These meetings at ARFASOFTECH are usually energized, action-oriented kick-offs for each day. All our scrum meetings are held in the morning to set the context for the day’s work. Moreover, we make sure these meetings are time-boxed to ensure optimal discussions.


Atlassian tools

JIRA, Confluence and Trello are three tools that help us achieve an agile workflow in the organization.


  1. JIRA: We create storyboards for our products and then divide them into tickets that represent smaller components of larger tasks. These tickets are then assigned to team members, who can actively manage their tasks on JIRA. Each person can add comments, create notes, track issues and report bugs.
  2. Confluence: we use this tool for documentation of each project. All documents from start to end are kept there for free availability of confirmation, especially customer requirements.
  3. Trello: this is an amazing tool that allows creation of task boards and completion status. Team leads can keep track of different tasks, deadlines and progress of each team member without micro-managing them.


Video sessions

We believe work spaces are growing beyond just an office building, hence, we use tools that maintain uninterrupted communication. We make use of Skype and Hangout and stay updated with all team members and customers.


Product demos

Collaboration is all about clarity and visibility of work. At ARFASOFTECH we provide customers with product demos and minimum viable products to provide them a tangible interaction with their product. This helps ring better feedback and a superior result.


Central documentation repository

Everybody cannot ask everybody for information; it would be too disrupting. We have a central repository that stores all company documents and makes it available to all employees. At ARFASOFTECH no one has to ask for information because everyone owns it.


Slack & Skype

Slack is used by our development teams for discoveries, problem-solving and discussions. It’s an excellent closed group chat forum that allows sharing of links and other media. We also have a company wide group on Skype that is often used for announcements and occasional joking. Temporary teams formed for different projects also tend to use Skype to maintain to stay on one page.


Daily syncs

Every team has their own sync with their own agenda. Any failures and achievements are brought to light and dealt with equal fervor. these meetings then turn these discussion points into action-pointers for the future. We have an open culture that encourages learning and progress, whether from setbacks or success.


Meeting customers

Despite all these tools and advanced technology, we understand the importance of face-to-face meetings. When required, we travel (local and international) to meet our customers. This is not only for work purposes but for long-term relationship building as well.

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Fahad Ali, Author

Fahad is PM at ARFASOFTECH but has a knack for writing. He enjoys writing about the latest technologies and evolving trends. Most of his writings revolve around trending technologies and their integration into operations.

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