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With the latest technology trends, come changes in the habits of end consumers or visitors. E-Commerce websites are no different in this case. Online businesses must constantly adapt to new and trending changes to continue gaining an upper hand in the user experience. It is no secret that a user looking for online shopping spends more time on a website that looks unique, stylish, and has out-of-box features. Regardless if you are offering services or products, the way your E-commerce platform is designed makes a difference. And if you are thinking of getting an eCommerce then you should about the Ecommerce website trends 2022.

The E-commerce market has great potential, according to an estimate the E-commerce sales are forecasted to reach $5 trillion by 2022. So with more and more people depending on online stores to buy the goods and services they need, the eCommerce companies will need websites that are user-friendly and keep up with the needs and demands of the customers

You might be thinking that this year has just started then how you are supposed to know the latest trends. Well, we are here for you. As we have gathered a list of 7 Top trends for e-Commerce websites that are going to stay this year.

So gear up and have a look at them. Because the eCommerce landscape is not the same as it was two or three years ago. 


Ecommerce Website Trends 2022

1.Interactive Product Display

One of the top trends of website design is making use of technologies like VR, 3D imaging, and AR. The increased accessibility of these technologies to small and medium businesses have enabled organizations to develop unique techniques by which they can showcase their products. Here we will take an example of Rimowa which displays a 3D design of their products with a feature for live personalization so the viewers can see their exact product.

According to an estimate, consumer spending on VR and AR is expected to reach $72 billion by 2024. Thus, incorporation of this technology can help in a recreation of the in-store experience, and construction of an interactive user manual which can help in generating more sales.

2.Navigational Menus Take Center Stage:

 Although we are used to seeing navigational menus somewhere in header, footer, right or left. However, this year there is an increasing trend of placing navigation in the center.

The designers can also include animations, branding elements, micro-images, and special Fonts. All these innovative practices are transforming the ordinary eCommerce website into an extraordinary visual attraction. It helps companies in promoting their brand style, mission, and values. Additionally, helping customers in finding what they are looking for and also dig deeper into brand style, values, and mission. The e-commerce website has to be dynamic because single-page eCommerce websites are now not the talk of the town.

3.Inclusion of Micro Animations:

Yes, the inclusion of micro aminations is another answer to how to make your eCommerce site stand out in 2022. Because although people have grown comfortable with doing more online shopping, still they do not want to spend their time in researching, discovering, and buying products.  One way a designer can aid the shoppers in getting exactly what they need is by placing micro animations.

These micro animations help people in finding the interactive parts of the store. And when it comes to product search the hover effect is particularly useful. This can instantly reveal more variations and views about the products. It can also bestow shoppers with shortcuts to popular actions like share, favorite, and add-to-cart.

Hover effects are particularly useful and are going to be in trend because it enables the shoppers to do a quick comparison of products from the product search page. The eCommerce product designer can be particularly useful in this regard.

4.Perfect For Mobile Application:

Among  Ecommerce website trends of 2022, the most important is a website being ideal for mobile applications.

Because a report from eMarketer in Morning Brew projected that by 2025 the Mobile commerce sales will double to $700+ billion.

Believe it or not but this is the key to the creation of an exceptional website that can help in increasing your sales. For this purpose, you can hire an eCommerce website management service. Because nowadays, many internet dealers are diverting their efforts and attention to designs that look excellent on various platforms like smartphones and tablets. This tendency should not lose any meaning.  

Companies that are short on a budget go for flat design eCommerce sites. You can also follow this strategy. But then make sure that this website is super easy and excellent for mobile users. Other than this, Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm update in 2021 has designated mobile page speed as an important factor for website ranking. So the designers now also have to learn how to design the lightning custom-built eCommerce website.

5.Live Search:

Including a live search option can increase your eCommerce business manyfold. We know it seems like a small addition, but believe us it has big rewards. Because site searchers are 200% more likely to convert than regular visitors. 

Additionally, the site search helps you in understanding the extent to which users used the site search function, the terms they entered, and how effectively the search results created deeper engagement.

As per its importance and need you should include a live search option in eCommerce website design requirements. Consider this or not, in this current year, the poor eCommerce websites will be those that will eliminate the option of live search 

To read about the loopholes you should avoid in eCommerce website design. Click here

6.Upgraded Social Media for E-Commerce Website

Social media is an outstanding platform to play your game and check your strength in digital marketing. Now, it is not just a marketing tool; use it to make purchases, sell your products, find partners and jobs, and so much more. With such great potential E-commerce websites should also make use of this. Remember one thing: User Experience aims to reduce the number of buttons for a user to click while also allowing them to do as much as possible. Imagine a platform where the users do not have to leave their social media pages but they still manage to buy everything and anything from your website. This task is possible in certain social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. In the case of Instagram, this visual platform is set exactly to cater to the needs of online shopping.

If you are a social media enthusiast you will be happy to know that social media is going nowhere in 2022 too. See the infographic below:

7.Turn Your Product Page Into Landing Page

In typical E-commerce websites, we generally see a design where the homepage is the focus and then users have to search for the desired products. While this is still a great idea, other unique approaches have come out as well.

Ads on social media and web pages quickly direct the users to the product page, and visitors never have to see the home page. Therefore, new designs now focus more on building unique product pages rather than focusing only on landing pages. Let’s take Limnia as an example who achieved this with their website.

8.Stylish Shipping +Boxes

Take this as a way of saying thank you to your customers new and old. Shipping boxes are just more places where you can do branding of your E-commerce websites. What better way there is to brand your shipping boxes by styling them into something unique and flavourful? The idea here is that the customer receives a shipping box and just from its looks, they understand that it is a package you sent. If you are looking to go beyond this, then try changing the packaging material itself; aim higher and go for eco-friendly packaging!

9.Textured Backgrounds And Light Mode:

The website design principles especially for eCommerce websites should involve user-friendliness, branding, promotion, etc. The layout of the website matters a lot not only to generate sales but for the promotion of the websites too. 

It is important to stay updated with the latest designs and features for the website. For instance, over the last couple of years, the dark mode has been a very popular design trend. Yet, we are going to see less of it this year. The “light mode” designs have taken its place. However, there are still some dark elements along the way, but they are scarce in comparison to the heavy dark mode designs in recent years.

Other than this, we are going to see a resurgence in the old design trend “Skeuomorphism”. This time the textures are going to be much softer and subtler.

You can look into these websites for ideas. We have listed the top 10 websites for you below.

Top 10 Ecommerce Websites In The World

There is no definite order in terms of ranking in the list below

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Alibaba
  4. Walmart
  5. JD.com
  6. Rakuten
  7. Newegg
  8. Costco
  9. Flipkart
  10. Target

Wrapping Up:

To stay relevant you have to stay updated. Especially if you own an eCommerce website you should try to inculcate these top trending designs of 2022 in your website.

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