September 2021

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

An idea was put forward by famous graphic designer, Paul Rand. It explicitly stresses the importance of design and how it can shape your brand and advertise it. 

Brands and businesses used to stuff their websites and mobile apps with all the latest technologies and functionalities to give users an immersive experience but they failed the majority of the time. One would wonder what the reason is as they are using maximum features to give users a one-stop-shop experience.

It was later realized that the reason behind the failure was in the overlooking of the importance of UX/UI design in the app development process. This has changed and almost all the brands are inclusive of the importance of the UI/UX design. They make sure they have the optimal user interface and offer the best user experience to the consumers. The app should be interactive and include UI technologies that can give the best look and feel to their app. 

But, there’s one more question that’s in need of an answer. Which JavaScript framework should they pick for developing their web app UI? Should they choose Vue.js or some other frontend framework? 

This blog in particular sheds light on the importance of Vue.js for developing web UI and we will be laying out some of the factors that will help you decide.


But First, What Is Vue.Js?

Vue is a subscription-free and open-source JavaScript framework for user-interfaces design. The Vue is versatile and offers integration compatibility for applications that use JavaScript libraries. It is currently being used by over 36, 000 websites.


Features of Vue

  • VueJS makes use of a virtual DOM.
  • Built-in component to help with CSS transition and animations.
  • Two-way data binding options allow you to manipulate and assign values to HTML properties, style changes, and the option to give classes, etc. 
  • Easy to learn and comprehend
  • VueJS has components that allow you to create custom HTML that is reusable 

According to the State of JS 2020 survey, Vue.js is the third most used frontend framework in the past four years.

Let’s discuss some of the features in detail now

Virtual DOM

Vue.js operates using the virtual DOM. This means that the changes made during the development process won’t reflect directly on the DOM. A replica of the DOM will be created and stored in the form of JS data structures. 

This enables the developer to see the changes in their UI design while having the liberty to undo something in a cost-effective way. This puts Vue.js ahead of angular in CSS frameworks.


Data binding

With the data binding feature, developers can easily set values to HTML attributes, style modifications, and can accomplish a lot more with the binding directive known as the v-bind.


Animation and transitions

It allows developers to implement transitions to HTML elements when adding or updating something from the DOM. You can use third-party animated libraries to build more interactive user interfaces.


Reason To Choose Vue.Js For Web UI Development


Smaller app size

To say that it’s small in size means that it is 18-21Kb, which makes it ideal for the developers. Despite the size, it offers high speed which makes it win the battle against Ember. 

This among the other features makes it easy for the developers to pick the Vue JavaScript framework for both small and large-sized projects.


Ease of learning 

It has a simple structure for the UI framework. Tracing and correcting errors in the coding environment for both small and large projects is easier in Vue.js as the learning curve is comparatively less steep. 


Better performance

As discussed above, the major highlight of Vue.js is that it provides high performance. It works with virtual DOM as established earlier and pays attention to the shortcomings thus making it more vigilant. It performs better than React if compared because of the high frame rate. 


Simplicity of integration 

It is a JavaScript framework and can be easily integrated with any application which supports JavaScript integration. This provides developers with the freedom to develop mobile apps from scratch as well as introduce it to the existing applications.



The most praiseworthy and highly appreciated feature of Vue.js for UI web development is flexibility. It enables web development companies to write templates in HTML and JavaScript to run them directly on multiple different browsers.


Future Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the developers to ensure that the app performs bug-free and is updated after the initial release. Vue.js helps you manage maintenance and updates easily.


Computed properties

It helps with the changes made to the UI elements and then performs the necessary calculations. Another valued feature of Vue.js is that you don’t require any additional coding to implement this.


Two-way and reactive data binding

Reactive data binding keeps it updated without human interference making it a vital feature for UI web development. Two-way data binding is used to establish a link between JS and the virtual DOM and vice versa. The v-model gets inserted and changes into DOM as per commands to make this happen.


Enhanced documentation

Vue.js UI libraries have well-defined documentation that helps developers in understanding the required mechanisms and build their own applications effortlessly.


Conditional data binding

The feature of conditional data binding helps to program the system to connect information only in the case where the given condition holds true. Otherwise, it is automatically discarded. Various directives v-if and v-else are employed to carry out the same function. If the developer wants an evaluation to check a value, he/she will use the v-if template and v-else otherwise. Both the directive have their own functionalities and are used quite frequently for writing codes and in web development.


When to Use Vue

  • If you’re a beginner getting started then it will be easy to use a component library based on HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • These cover fundamental functions such as data management and routing.
  • Virtual DOM facilitates minimum load time and fast rendering.



The major takeaway has to be the features that Vue.js. is offering developers which facilitates them in the UI development. It surely has eased out things for the developers and people who would like to achieve more in considerably less time.


Fahad Ali, Author

Fahad is PM at ARFASOFTECH but has a knack for writing. He enjoys writing about the latest technologies and evolving trends. Most of his writings revolve around trending technologies and their integration into operations.

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